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Welcome to the new site Serrupro. You'll find all the information about our services and our vision of what security. The tab "Our offices" will inform you of relevant details for each of the shops. Once on the page of a branch, you can visit his personal website by clicking the web link in the left column.

Each branch may include details of their specific products, their specialty, their specialized services, or simply a promotional video and training.
A moving strip at the bottom of the page and identified as "Brands" will give you access to their respective websites. Note that some sites are not available in English as in French.

You can always contact us and let us know your comments, suggestions, or to request information via our tab "Contact Us".

The pleasure to serve you is one of our goal! 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 May 2012 13:12 )

160, rue St-Jean
Québec J2B 5K9

1 877 743-0603