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Here's the basic list of various services offered by Serrupro’s shops. Some shops may not offer or provide the service. *In the latter case, the service icon is not displayed on its respective page branch. You will also find other individuals or specialized services on the pages of each branch.


Whatever your needs in terms of car locks, keys, locking mechanisms, at Serrupro you will find the solution to your problem and for most popular brands. Our expert advices will save you much time and money.


Of course any good locksmith should be able to cut the majority of the most popular keys. Serrupro goes further by offering you everything about the high security keys. Whether for registred keys, controlled electronic keys for access control or the keys with transponder (chip), we can offer the product with the security level that is best suitable for your security needs.

Security grills

Grille de Sécurité
The security gates or grills are available in many versions as it should be tailored to the needs of buildings and users. They may have different options to accommodate your special needs. The most important thing is that Serrupro’s experienced conselor can give you the appropriate advices for this investment


One day or another, someone may have to live this unpleasant situation if not ever. Whether to open a safe, house gate, car, lock, single suitcase or even a small piggy bank, Serrupro will open everything that is locked, quickly and professionally. Of course for security reasons, Serrupro wil not open to anyone without asking identifications. Ask us what you need to get from Serrupro’s service.

Residential Hardware

Quincaillerie Résidentiel
Choice of a lock is often trivialized and sometimes the appearance or safety are neglected. Serrupro will advise you, depending on your budget, the lock that fits all your needs at the same time. A quality lock may be used, in many cases, throughout the life of your home. *A security lock will give you serenity and tranquility to your home. The advises at Serrupro will give you all that at the same time.

Electronics Locks

Serrure Électronique
This is certainly very convenient and reliable that electronic locks have become as popular in all areas, "Residential, commercial, industrial or institutional"The different brands and models give us the power to fill your needs for security and access. Serrupro recommends quality products so that your safety is not neglected.


For "the largest" lock and expert advices, visit Serrupro’s shop. They can advise you and demonstrate the importance of good selection of lock because it is often the small object that protects your valuable assets.


It is possible to buy a safe in many places. Unfortunately the safe chosen is not always adapted to the client's security needs. When you meet with a real safe’s adviser, he can accurately determine the right type of safe, the required strength with a higher level if necessary, special options such as electronic locks and technicality of delivery and installation. Serrupro protects your assets and all our specialists are committed to provide you the very best product as your safety is our business.

Automatic Door operators

Opérateur de Porte Automatique
There is now a wide variety of automatic door operators that meets the different needs for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. For an installation to be successful, be sure to fill in the following three points:
  • Appropriate choice of equipment as needed to accommodate the traffic involved.
  • Good warranty on products sold, fast and professional customer service.
  • But the most important thing is to have requested a quotation from Serrupro

Commercial Hardware

Quincaillerie Commerciale
It is no coincidence that the largest companies from the province of Quebec have chosen Serrupro as an expert in providing and maintenance of their hardware business. Whether it is for provinding any type of lock, handle, panic-bar, door closers, Coordinator, continuous hinge, pivot, arm retained or astragalus, Serrupro, recognised for their expertise, knowledge of the products available , competitive prices and professional services will become your first supplier.

Électronic security

Sécurité Électronique
Intruder or fire alarm system, camera and digital recorder, access control code, card or biometric (fingerprint) all these equipment are used for one purpass, protecting buildings or values against the criminals. The older hardware used imposed limits. Today, with electronics and Serrupro, the impossible becomes possible.

Mobile Units

Unité Mobile
Did you know that more than 37 Serrupro mobile units serves our customers. Mobile units are Serrupro links between shop and customer satisfaction. The secret of their satisfaction is that they carry with them, quality components to being installed or repaired by leading industry professionals.

As you see, is more than keys at Serrupro’s... it’s qualified locksmiths for your maximum protection.

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